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Buzz!  Lypsyl in the Media.


“It just really, really moisturizes your lips."

Freida Pinto, acclaimed for her role as Latika in Slumdog Millionaire, Also seen in the upcoming films The Immortals, and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.


Marie Claire magazine ~ March 2011, Beauty Rehab for your Skin
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Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™ Honeyberry is among the magazines top picks!


ChicGalleria.com ~ Lypsyl Intense Protection A Must-Have Product
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Every once in awhile I find a product that becomes an "absolutely must-have in my possession at all times" item. I discovered Intense Protection LypMoisturizer by Lypsyl and it has become one of these items.


Cosmopolitan.com ~ Our Beauty Salute to Thanksgiving :: full article >
Leah: Lypsyl LypMoisturizer Lip Balm All my friends know that I have a year-round obsession with lip balm... I keep at least 3 tubes in my purse at all times. But I didn't realize how obsessed I was with this new find (I got a few free samples at an event two weeks ago) until I found one in my purse, jacket pocket, makeup bag and on my night stand. It's chubby (not skinny like most balms), and it doesn't make my chin breakout (don't you hate when balm clogs your pores?). Oh—and it's only $3...at that price, I'm sure I can find even more places to stow a tube!


Associated Content from Yahoo! ~ Review of Lypsyl Lip Moisturizer :: full article >

Most of us suffer from dry lips and have tried many products. Some help temporarily but often make the condition worse. Products range in price from low to high promising positive results. To make matters more confusing, we are warned which specific ingredients to use or not use. After watching "Dr. Oz" on NBC, I found a product that contained ingredients that he recommended and decided to give it a try. What caught my eye about Lypsyl Lip Moisturizer was that it contains coconut oil which was an ingredient that Dr. Oz recommended on his television show, "Dr. Oz" which airs on NBC.


HealthyStyleNY.com ~ Cold Weather Is Coming: Is Your Skin Ready? :: full article >
And of course we can't forget our lips. Smooth, shine, & protect with Lypsyl. The secret behind the Lypsyl is pure Swedish beeswax, ultra light to spread evenly and penetrate deeply, for unsurpassed moisturizing and protection.

GlamCanada.com ~ Ski Bunny Survival Kit :: full article >
Wind got your lips feeling the burn? Try Lypsyl, made with pure Swedish beeswax that protects lips from windburn and also moisturizes at the same time. Natural ingredients, including organic Shea butter, coconut oil and Vitamins E and A help the balm glide smoothly over lips, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and tingly.


LypSyl Intense ProtectionPamperYourselfDenver.com ~ Beauty Essentials For The Slopes :: full article >
Use Lypsyl every day before jumping on the lift to keep lips feeling and looking good. For sunscreen lip protection grab Lypsyl in Honeyberry. Lypsyl Intense Protection and Lypsyl Honeyberry retail for $2.99 and can be found at drugstores nationwide.


HelloDollface.com ~ Lypsyl for SMOOTH lips :: full article >
If you're like me, your lips are always chapped. I slather mine with gloss and Vaseline, but Lypsyl has something that's even better.


FrappeLattes.com ~ My Current Evening Skincare Routine :: full article >
LIPS: A holy grail lip balm? For me, right now, it's Lypsyl LypMoisturizer! It sinks right into the skin on application and moisturizes for hours using Swedish beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamins A & E. Also, it tingles just a bit (which I love) and smells slightly minty. Find it at your local drugstore for less than $3.


Amazon.com - Lypsyl lypmoisturizer stick original formula with pure swedish beeswaxwanderlustandlipstick.com ~ Stocking Stuffers for Travelers :: full article >
Lypsyl Moisturizer – Made with pure Swedish beeswax, Lypsyl glides on super lightly which means it can penetrate your lips more deeply than many lip balms made from beeswax. Comes in original and Honey Berry (yum!). Great for sporty types spending lots of time outdoors this winter. Includes SPF 15 sunscreen. Available in a 6-pack on Amazon for $16.99.


Rachel Ray ~ 'Tis the Season:
Winter Proof Your Skin and look Great for the Holidays!

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CBS News - The Early Show ~ Perfecting Lush Lips :: watch video >
A Dermatologist and a Makeup Artist Share Ways to Enhance Your Lips' Appearance


RealBeauty.com ~ Best Lip Moisturizers Ever! :: full article >
Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer The adorable sliding bee on the side of this tube helps balm glide on smoothly and evenly, protecting against intense cracks and chapped lips.


WeHeartThis.com ~ Lypsyl lip balm review :: full article >
Hi my name is Susan and I’m an addict, a lip balm addict. I have a balm in every purse, car, desk drawer and bathroom cabinet that I have available to me. When a certain balm was on sale a few months ago, I bought 12 tubes. I am serious about my lip balms. I thought that I had tried every brand and thought I’d found my favorite, until Lypsyl arrived at my door.


Star Magazine :: enlarge article >
Issue: 1/25/2010


dailycandy.com ~ 27 Beauty Gifts for Glamourgals :: full article >
An industry beauty junkie turned us on to this neat little Swedish balm that has been softening lips with coconut oil and beeswax since 1905.


WNBC "LX New York"
Winter Skin Repair
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From soothing lip balm to refreshing body cream, beauty and lifestyle expert Jenn Falik shares some great products to protect your skin from winter's harsh climate.


nouveaucheap.blogspot.com ~ Review :: full article >
Recently I received some tubes of Lypsyl lip balm for review, and I have to say that the oval-shaped tube, combined with the honey-bee slider button, immediately sucked me in! I always say that I'm a sucker for any lip balm that comes in non-traditional packaging, and Lypsyl had me at hello with their tube!


Skin Care & Beauty Blog ~ Review: Lypsyl LypMoisturizer :: full article >
As you know I am always on the look out for a product to heal my dry flaking lips. This time I was testing Lypsyl. I’ve heard some good stuff about their products and how natural and moisturizing they were and how some celebs were using Lypsyl, so I was curious to try it.


MakeoverMomma.com ~ Find The Perfect Winter Lip Balm :: full article >
The winter season has begun and we are vowing to avoid chapped, dry lips by finding the perfect lip balm to combat cold weather. Get smooth, silky lips of your own, by using our favorite lip balms…


Woman's World ~ Why Look Your Age?
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Issue: 2/15/2010


theFashionableHousewife.com ~
Keep Lips Soft and Supple for Valentine’s Day
:: full article >
I personally had the opportunity to try Lypsyl Original Formula for myself and was pleasantly surprised with the results. If you like the leading popular beeswax lip balm, then you’ll love Lypsyl. It has a smoother texture, longer lasting container, and convenient application.


kiss-and-makeup.blogspot.com ~ Beauty Product of the Week :: full article >
What is it? Lypsyl Lip Balm "has been the first choice of European lip care users for generations. The brand originated in Sweden over 100 years ago, with a name derived from Swedish to communicate the soothing and natural benefits of beeswax. For the American market, the product has been reformulated with pure Swedish beeswax and an advanced blend of natural and therapeutic ingredients.


MakeHerUp.com ~ Make a kissable, touchable night your top priority‏ :: full article >
Step 5:  Pucker Up: Prep your lips for gloss or lipstick with a lip balm that isn’t sticky or waxy. Lypsyl LypMoisturizer lasts for hours and smells slightly minty, making lips supple and kissable!

Buzz!  You Love Your Lypsyl...



“An Amazing Product”
I found your product by mistake and let me tell you, it is an amazing product. I have a daughter that fights fever blisters and sense she started using your product, she has not had any flare ups, it's been two years. Everyone in our house uses and loves Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™. Sometimes we argue about who's is who's, so I've learned to mark mine by scratching it with a key. With three of us in the house we go through about six tubes a month. I wish I could find away to buy it in bulk. Kudos on a wonderful product!

Heather H. ~ October 12, 2012


“I'm a Lypsyl Fanatic!”
About 2 years ago, my daughter switched from using Burt's Bee's to Lypsyl. She truly is addicted to it and goes through a stick every two weeks. She recently moved to college in South Carolina and cannot find it near her. I promised to send her a care package of just Lypsyl. Can you please help us find Lypsyl in South Carolina! In my daughter's opinion, this is an emergency! :-) I appreciate your assistance.

Michelle R. ~ October 19, 2012


“So Glad I found Lypsyl...”
I’ve had trouble with dry lips for about 8 months now…it seemed the cold winter started a nasty dry lips cycle I couldn’t break. When I finally got tired of my lips being flakey (and then bleeding, because I couldn’t stop messing with the flakes) and I took a friend and we went to the store, looking at the ingredients of all the lip products they had. The Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™ caught my friend’s eye because of the ingredients; namely the shea butter and the coconut oil. Since the price was quite reasonable I decided to get it, and am very glad I did. In about 2 days my lips were completely healed. They stayed smooth even when I left my stick at work for 2 days. I love the way it glides on, and the smell and the cool feel…pretty much everything about it, in fact! Thanks for giving me my pretty lips back!

Hannah O. ~ September 24, 2012


“Lypsyl is 'one of my favorite things'...”
I love my Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™! I typically have 3 or 4 of them at a time - one for my purse, one for my night stand, and one for my desk at work. I included one package in each of my "favorite things" baskets that I gave my girlfriends at my 40th birthday party! Thank you.

Mary S. ~ September 14, 2012


“Lypsyl gave me my smile back.”
I have to thank you guys so much, for an AMAZING product ever created! About two months ago, my lips got extremely chapped! Nothing I bought at Walgreens would help, I spent about $60.00 trying everything I could get my hands on. Finally I came across an article about shea butter in lip balms! IMMEDIATELY I went to Walgreens and bought Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™, and within 20 minutes of putting it on my lips they felt AMAZING! My smile started coming back I got so excited because eating and smiling had been painful for weeks. I've Been raving about Lypsyl to all my customers at both businesses, they all come back with such gratitude that I told them about Lypsyl women that have had chapped lips for more then a year!

FRANCO S. ~ August 10,2012


“I looooove Lypsyl...!”
I found your product by mistake - I saw the package of Lypsyl LypMoisturizer in my mother's room and I "stole" it from her. And now I love it so much. It isn't one of those lip balms that have all gloss and shine, but no moisture. And it lasts forever! I'm running low and I've completely rubbed the name out. I've been on an intense Google search for the past 30 mins trying to find the product name so that I can know where to buy. Using a combination of the words that I can still barely see in your tag line I've found it. Going to grab one at Duane Reade right now. I am a fan for life. Thanks so much for finally making a product that works!

Aura ~ July 12, 2012


“…hooked on your lip balm!”
I love your lip balms! I started an outdoor project for state and federal agencies in June 2012 and was quickly in need of a good lip balm due to Florida heat/sun.  I found your Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™ Honeyberry with SPF 15 and haven’t looked back.  My government contract covers four states – from Louisiana to the Florida Keys and I have all the workers (about 60 people) hooked on your lip balm!  Thank you so much for helping us withstand the heat without chapped lips!

Kathie G. ~ May 17, 2012


"Lypsyl for life!"
I am a lip gloss/balm/cream/moisturizer junkie. I am always on the lookout for things that smell good, feel good, and work. However, since I bought Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture, I haven't had the urge to add to my ridiculous collection. This stuff actually HEALS my lips. It leaves them super smooth, minty and happy. Lypsyl for life!

Alaina W. ~ May 18, 2012


"…It has sunscreen and it moisturizes!!!"
I love this stuff. It stays on, it has sunscreen and it moisturizes!!! I am an avid Blistex user and decided to give this a try and it is great. The shape is great for putting it on and you can see just how much you have left so you can have more on hand when it's done, and of course I love the little bee! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Mindy Y. ~ March 22, 2012


"…you have made a believer out of me"
I am amazed at how effective your product is in relieving the discomfort and unsightliness of a nasty fever blister. I bought a tube of the Lypsyl Extreme Cold Sore Relief yesterday…….it's like a miracle, my mouth is comfortable…..you have made a believer out of me…….it is worth every penny and I will never be without it again. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Donella S. ~ Green Valley, AZ ~ March 18, 2012


"…almost immediately I noticed a difference."
I just wanted to thank you for creating such an incredible product. My lips have been in pretty messed up shape for the past few years. They have a tendency to swell for what appears to be no reason and nothing I put on could keep them hydrated enough to prevent horrible cracking and oozing. I tried pretty much everything at the drugstore and randomly picked Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture off the shelf one day with skepticism. But almost immediately I noticed a difference. My lips feel moist long after I've applied the lip balm and I haven't had any of the horrible cracking since I started using Lypsyl. It is the only product I have been using for several years now and cannot imagine what I would have done had I not found it. So thank you so much for this amazing lip balm that gave me my life back!

Cheryl ~ February 26, 2012


"…tried everything under the sun…"
I have been suffering from severely chapped lips for three months now. I tried everything under the sun to get my lips healthy again. After spending more than 50 dollars on expensive and inexpensive brands I was standing in the drugstore yesterday looking for yet another chap stick. I happened upon Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture and after reading the ingredients I was intrigued, and the price was nice too! The second I put Lypsyl on my lips I felt immediate relief. The second day of using Lypsyl and my lips almost feel completely normal again. This is a wonderful product, the results are completely amazing!!! I went from ready to go to the hospital because I couldn't eat to feeling normal in no time. Thank you so much for such an amazing product. You now have a customer for life!!!

Peggy ~ January 11, 2012


"…really helps my dried out lips"
I just had to take a moment to write and tell you what a great product you have! I love your Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™ Honeyberry with SPF 15! I'm on Accutane for acne and it dries out your skin, especially your lips…your product, which I found by accident and thought I would give it a try – Love the bee on top! – is perfect! Tastes great, works great, is long lasting and really helps my dried out lips, even overnight when I can't apply it for a long time! Thank you very much for this product!

Gina S. ~ Columbia, MO ~ January 2, 2012

"My love for Lypsyl"
I cannot put into words how much I love Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture. I use it every night before bedtime without fail! Great product and it makes my top 10 list of things I cannot live without!

Amy C. ~ December 2, 2011]


"…great quality ingredients"
I was becoming more and more dissatisfied with my current lip balm that I just had to get a different one and I was willing to invest in a good one too. I just got the LypMoisturizer and it works great! It was very affordable by the way. First off, love the packaging. It really caught my eye. Then the shape in which the product comes in. Then I saw all of the great quality ingredients that were in it, and thought that was wonderful, but when I saw that bee that slides the lip balm up, that was it, I was sold and had to get it above all of the products that were on the shelf. Thanks for a great product. I will continue to buy in the future! Really makes my lips feel good.

Jen D. ~ September 15, 2011


"…I carry it everywhere I go"
This is my favorite lip balm. I carry it everywhere I go. I have tried so many others and I couldn't find anything that kept my lips soft and moist all day long until my daughter told me about Lypsyl I will never buy any other brand again! Thank you for finally having something that actually works!

Debbie ~ August 6, 2011


"…beyond surprised with how quickly it worked"
I recently had a severe allergic reaction that caused my lips to burn and swell up for weeks. They itched and hurt so very badly my doctor gave me a prescription lip formula to help. After two weeks of trying that and just about every product available over the counter, my lips still were burning and I could not have been more miserable. I tried Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture and was beyond surprised with how quickly it worked. Within three days my lips weren't swollen, itchy or burning. Thank you so much for making such a great product! I will from this day forward be a loyal customer!

Elyse ~ August 23, 2011


"…nothing would give me any relief"
After getting back from a one week vacation my lips and the skin around my lips were severely chapped. I tried many different kinds of chap sticks and nothing would give me any relief. I was going crazy because my lips were so dry and itchy……I stopped by Walgreens and noticed Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture. It was different, it stood out to me and I liked what I read in the ingredients. It wasn't expensive either. I didn't know if it would work or not but I thought what the heck and bought it. After one day I noticed some improvement, and each day after even more improvement. Now after two weeks of using Lypsyl I am so happy to say my lips and skin are finally back to normal! I still use it every day just because I love the way it feels, but it is so nice to know I don't HAVE to use it. Thanks so much!! I will only buy this product from here on out.

Melinda ~ August 30, 2011


"Magic in a tube!"
I had never even heard of Lypsyl Extreme Cold Sore Relief until July 18, 2011 when my husband brought it home.  I had asked him to get me another brand name treatment because that morning I had unexpectedly woken up with no less than five painful sores on my lips and needed something fast.  Well I started using it that night applying many coats.  Now it’s two days later and all but one sore is completely healed and gone.  Lypsyl really is MAGIC and I will never use anything else ever again!  Thank you!

Lisa P ~ Highland Falls, NY ~ July 20, 2011


"…keeps his eczema at bay"
My son has extreme eczema and Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture is the only brand of lip moisturizer he can use.  He goes through one tube every 2 ½ days!....he uses it no less than 30 times a day because of his allergies and it keeps his eczema at bay.  We love your product!

Tina H. ~ Centennial, Colorado ~ July 25, 2011


"It has spoiled me on other lip balms"
I only have one complaint about Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture. It has spoiled me on other lip balms! We live at a high elevation, with arid winds and cold, cold winters – high desert. Trying to keep chapped lips under control is a challenge, but Lypsyl works better than anything else I've ever tried. Thanks for making such a good product!

Barbara M. ~ Pocatello, ID ~ April 28, 2011


"All of my life I have suffered from dry, chapped lips…"
I just wanted to say that your Lypsyl Original Formula is the best lip product I have ever used. I honestly believe I have tried every commercial brand lip product out there and I will never buy another after trying your product. All of my life I have suffered from dry, chapped lips even getting cracks in them as a child. I've tried Chapstick, Burt's Bees, Vaseline and everything in between and nothing has been as wonderful as your product. I apply it nightly before bed and my lips stay soft and hydrated now, it's wonderful. I just wanted to thank you for this product and can't wait for you to expand into new flavors and varieties.

Kim D., ~ April 28, 2011


"After using one tube, I had to buy another, and another, and another…"
I have been through so many lip balms to even count! When I first saw Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Moisture at my local pharmacy I was intrigued by the design and snapped it up. My boyfriend constantly told me how soft my lips were and I am now never without it somewhere nearby. After using one tube i had to buy another, and another, and another...!

Meghan O, ~ Virginia~ March 21, 2011


"Simply the best!"
Just wanted to say i absolutely love Lypsyl Honeyberry... I think i am done trying lip moisturizers now that i have found the best. Thanks again.

Dana ~ March 3, 2011


"I LOVE my Lypsyl!"
I LOVE my Lypsyl! It is the best lip balm I have ever tried and my lip balm loving friends all agree. We wish there were more places that sell it... only Walgreens has it around here. Also we would love for you to have a FaceBook page. Thanks for the wonderful product! Sent from my iPad.

Dear Colleen, Please check out our FACEBOOK page!

Colleen B. ~ March 1, 2011


"...high quality therapeutic ingredients."
Hi! I was at Rite Aid looking for lanolin to try on my lips, which have been dry and peeling. I saw the offer to try your product for free with the mail in rebate, so I tried the Honeyberry moisturizer. It's great!!!! Without the free offer, I probably wouldn't have tried it because I have a huge pile of lip balms that I can't use because most of them simply make the problem worse.

With Lypsyl, so far, it is helping and my lips are totally healed! I plan to buy a lot of your product, to have some in each purse, bathroom, desk and anywhere else I can think of! I'm also telling my friends and family to purchase your products. Thanks for making an excellent product at a great price, and thanks for the free offer!

Dana S. ~ Los Angeles, California ~ February 28, 2011


"Lypsyl is GREAT for dry hands..."
Hi. I have psoriasis on my hands and feet and I tried lypSyl on my hand and it cleared it up but the little tubes are kind of small to do my feet so I would like to know if it is available in jars. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

Rita L. ~ February 24, 2011


"I keep a tube with me at all times, and make sure to never run out."
I randomly bought a tube of Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer two years ago and instantly fell in love. I used to try all different kinds of lip balm, but now I only use Lypsyl My lips are very dry and Lypsyl makes them feel soft and smooth, without being sticky. I even got my husband hooked on it. It's the best!

Jenifer E., ~ Pittsburgh, PA ~ February 22, 2011


"I am a virtual connoisseur of lip balms."
For a low cost item this is by far the best product I have found in over 10 years. It's not sticky. It doesn't gum up after being on your lips for a few hours. It survives harsh cold temperatures and best, it feels good within seconds of application. I purchased the intense protection because it was all I could find, but if you'd like to send me some samples... :) Great stuff! Cheers!

Pam H. ~ Independence, Missouri ~ February 12, 2011


"I am a sufferer of an autoimmune disease called Sjorgren's, as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis."
Hello. At present the Sjorgren's causes extreme dry skin and I have become a great fan of your intense moisturizer. I have a tube in every corner of my house as well as purse and car. Thank you.

Kathy L. ~ February 8, 2011


"The winter months have been hard on my lips..."
Hello, Lypsyl people. You have made a fantastic product. The winter months have been hard on my lips, but your product has soothed their dryness. Plus, the bee slider on the tube and has made me chuckle. Great stuff! Bravo! Sincerely,

Kelly W. ~ January 19, 2011


"Your product is definitely superior to Blistex and everything else I've tried..."
Just noticed your screen asking for people to let you know how it is going over-if I had my way it would be part of the school supplies all kids over age 10 would be given Lypsyl. I'm a retired ER nurse in the Pacific NorthWest aka Oregon! My personal favorite is the one with avocado, but all of them are fabulous. My husband-of 46 years likes them all too. He is a retired chief Pathologist here in Albany, OR.

I keep one at my bedside and one in my purse and when I see the level dropping I head for Walgreens. I was a Blistex "Deep Renewal" fan, then tried my 1st Lypsyl just before Christmas and am SOLD. I've gone online after reading the blurb on the packaging and am taking notes to try your other products too. Thanks so much for making my mouth so much happier! The newest one I have/used has a little yellow bee which slides the products out... very clever. I told my husband to start looking around up in our state capitol in Salem. Can you get COSTCO to carry it? I They had tons of "chap stix", but no Lypsyl. Many thanks - you have created a great product! Happily,

Bobbi C. ~ Albany, Oregon ~ January 25, 2011


"... the best cold sore treatment on the market"
I bought the Extreme Cold Sore Lypsyl treatment and it is by far the best treatment on the market! It works faster than all other brands, even better than the expensive treatment.

Alyssa B. ~ January 22, 2011

"Its very simple..."
Best lip balm EVER!

Amber A. ~ January 15, 2011


"This is the best lip therapy I have ever used."
It is hard to find where I live. I bought it while passing through a town on a hunting trip. Haven't seen it since. Could you help me find it near Huntsville, TX. Thanks for a great product!

Christal W. ~ Huntsville, TX ~ January 5, 2011


check out our FACEBOOK page!

"LypMagic. This is what this really is!"
I can't believe that after years of chapped, scabbed, sore lips, and using other products religiously, I have finally found this wonderful product that WORKS like magic - and I love it. I actually went to the pharmacy in desperation on Sunday to try to buy a cortisone cream for my lips were so bad. The pharmacist advised against this idea (I found it online while searching for remedies). So I went back to the wall of lip aides, and saw Lypsyl. I had never seen it before, and it was on sale, so I bought it. I could feel the difference within 24 hours. I went back the next day and bought the remaining packages (there were only three left!) I am so happy to have found this. Lypsyl really works. I would recommend Lypsyl above all those other big-name products. THANK YOU!

Marina ~ December 25, 2010


"Thanks for a GREAT product!!"
Most people have never heard of Lypsyl, but if they did they would LOVE it and find that it is the best choice for these reasons:

1. It is larger and fits over your entire lips in one swipe!

2. It's a great value at 2.99 for .10 oz.

3. It moisturizes without being too waxy or sticky!

Thanks!! ... PS I like the little bee that pushes it up also!

Carol S., TX ~ November 2, 2010


"We LOVE the Lypsyl Original Formula."
We bought it for my nephew because he is on Accutane and could find nothing to keep his lips from cracking, bleeding and peeling. He used it for less than a week and you could see a 100% improvement. Now after a week his lips are soft and no longer peeling. The split areas are almost healed. I am so thrilled that I found your product! Thank-you!

Kelly Jo Culjat ~ December 25, 2010


"I am in love with this product..."
Just tried LYPSYL for the first time. I am in love with this product. I applied it at 6am and it is now 11:30am and my lips are still silky smooth. You have a user for life. I am telling all my friends.

Traci, New Jersey ~ October 15, 2010


"New and Happy Customer for life!"
"I bought your product on a whim. I am so glad i did. I had surgery on my nose and was only breathing through my mouth. My lips were badly chapped and i was using my Carmex to no avail. No kidding, I have used it for 2 days applying it 2-4 times and my lips are almost back to normal. Amazing!! They do not hurt and are almost completely smooth, this is after using the other product 10 times a A day for over a week and it only got worse. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Sarah ~ September 15, 2010


"Wow! This product is pure magic..."
My lips are always dry and very difficult to please. Since I used lypSyl with pure Swedish beeswax, my lips are soft, smooth and gorgeous! I'm a very satisfied customer with this excellent product. 

Kim Y, B.A.A. ~ March 5, 2010


I have one in my car, my purse, my office, next to TV and next to my bed! Smells good, tastes good and BEST OF ALL feels great on my lips! They are always soft and smooth! Thanks for making such a great product! 

Catherine K. ~ March 25, 2010


"It keeps your lips so soft...
I have used almost every kind of lip balm out there and Lypsyl is by far the BEST I have ever used. I keep it with me at all times and always have an extra. It keeps your lips so soft. Put it on before bed and your lips will be so soft in the morning you won't believe it! I share the praises of how great it is with everyone I meet! LOVE IT!"

Jenn, Ohio ~ March 23, 2010


I found out from trying your product that it has reduced my cold sores/fever blisters by 90%. That was an unexpected bonus. I am thrilled with your lip balm and will use it the rest of my life. 

Kathy C., California ~ August 24, 2010


"My husband is in the consumer health industry..."
and he brought home a  tube of Lypsyl original from a tradeshow.  I gave it a try and I have worn it every day for two years without exception!  I no longer wear  any lipstick ~ just Lypsyl and my 44 year old lips look great!  I will never buy Chapstick or Burt's Bees again. 

Kathy H. ~ September 14, 2010


"He steals them out of my bag!!"
Being born in the UK I am very familiar with Lypsyl and love the product. In our home Lypsyl, was one of those products like "Xerox",  "Hoover", "Vaseline" etc. you don't ask for lip balm it's always Lypsyl, even when using lipstick!! Therefore, anything that was used  on our lips was the green Lypsyl, or the red Lypsyl Now, after living in the US for many years, imagine my glee to find Lypsyl in  almost all the major pharmacies? I love it, (P.S. I think you should make a line for men, I don't like sharing mine, it's the one thing I will NOT share!!)

We love you. Bev C. ~ March 4, 2010 


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"Nolcha Fashion Week New York ~ Sept. 2010"    
Lypsyl was a sponsor of this year's event. Nolcha is an award-winning platform for independent fashion designers and retailers through online, events and education.

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